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The Soldiers of the Republic

Today I wanted to talk about the specific units that make up the ‘Republic’ (working name!) Nation in Diesel Tactics.

For those who don’t know, players will make armies composed of any combination of these units which each have their own points cost. The only requirement is that the total points value of all the units in the army are under a given points limit.

The Republic Nation relies on the pluck and bravery of its soldiers as well as their somewhat temperamental technology. Now, on to the units!

  • Cognetorian Guard: These are the infantry that form the backbone of the Republic armies. Armed with machine guns these soldiers rely on laying down enough fire to have some of their shots find their targets!
  • Stove Pipers: These soldiers have undergone rigorous training to field a heavy shoulder mounted missile launcher to take down the enemies war machines while simultaneously one handing a Tommy gun to mow down infantry targets!
  • GA6 “Grasshopper” Rocket Troopers: These daredevils have volunteered to utilize the experimental jet packs created by the Republic nation in an attempt to keep up with the scientific progress of their enemy the ‘Kaiserreich’. Armed with shotguns, they love to jump into the back ranks of their enemies and cause havoc!
  • LRS “Jack Johnson”: This artillery piece (or ‘Long Range Sniper’) is the bane of entrenched enemies across any battlefield. Lobbing mortars of death from beyond the range of sight, the first time many of its victims are even aware of it is when they hear the piercing sound of incoming shells!
  • Conveyable Matter Liquefier Specialists: Positions in these units are often reserved for some of the more ‘sanity challenged’ recruits from the ‘Republic’ reserves, as it involves strapping a canister of compressed flammable gas to ones back and launching it from a handheld nozzle with an igniter. Unfortunately, the unreliability of the igniter often means these soldiers need to manually ignite the fuel with a cigarette lighter!
  • Mobile Perforation Technicians: Carrying massive tripod mounted machine guns, these soldiers try to find a good vantage point on the battlefield and mow down any enemies foolish enough to enter their line of sight! These weapons unleash such a torrent of lead that accuracy is almost irrelevant.
  • HT-A4 “Big Willie” Heavy Armour: These walking steel cans are the pride of the Republic army. Developed to be capable of crossing almost any terrain and carrying devastating weaponry, these hulking machines often lead the charge as they provide cover for more fleshy units behind them. Using ‘secret Republic science’ they autonomously seek out their enemies and destroy them using either their massive flame throwing cannon or their giant mechanical claw!
  • Armoured Mechano-Wasp (working name): This flying tank carries a massive turreted machine gun to mow down enemies and uses a dangling claw to rip enemy soldiers up from the battlefield before crushing them in mid-air! The heavy droning sound these machines make dominate the battlefield noise and directs all nearby attention to this airborne death dealer!

So, that’s the unit list for the Republic (again, working name! Suggestions welcome!) and I hope that you can see that these options offer many different possibilities for army compositions and strategies!

Next time I will go over the units available to the fearsome armies of the Kaiserreich, who’s battlefield prowess and terrible technologies make them the terror of the old world!