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A Long Overdue Update on Diesel Tactics

It’s been a while since I gave much information about Diesel Tactics and I figure it’s about time that I change that trend!

First, I’d like to give a quick update on the status of Diesel Tactics as far as development goes. A few setbacks and a slightly (read: very) optimistic development schedule has resulted in about a 4 month delay in our plans. We originally wanted to be in beta sometime in July and now it looks more like that will be in November. Fortunately, we’ve gotten back on track now after our development complications and the game is really starting to take shape. We’ve had (semi)functional builds coming out for the past month or so and each week brings a lot of new progress. It shouldn’t be long before we have in-game screenshots and video, and at that point we will have a much better idea of our final timeline and I’ll be giving out a lot more information on the game.

To finish this point I want to thank everyone for their patience with us and their continued interest and support. The people we’ve spoken to in the indie scene and the gaming scene in general have all been so supportive and helpful and have really made fighting through the tough times easier.

Okay, on to the interesting part of the blog post!

Diesel Tactics will have two Nations (capitalized because it’s sort of a game concept) available to players at launch. The names of these nations aren’t finalized yet, but the current working titles are ‘The Republic’ and ‘Das Kaiserreich’. Despite the ‘alternate reality’ setting of the game, these are modelled after an American style army and a German style army, roughly in a WWI time period. We also hope to be able to release several more Nations in the future after the games initial release.

Each Nation has 8 unique units, 6 of which are infantry and 2 of which are vehicle units. The two starter nations have some similarities in that they each have a basic infantry unit, a heavy weapon squad, a jetpack squad, and an artillery unit; however, these units are distinct from one another in that they have different weapons and statistics, so really they are only similar in their role on the battlefield. The remaining units in each Nation have more unique uses and really help to define the character of that Nation, but I’ll save the specifics of all of these for a future post!

Aside from each Nation having distinct units that define how they play, they each have underlying themes that lend themselves to particular play styles. ‘The Republic’ tends to have cheaper units that are a little unpredictable at times, while ‘Das Kaiserreich’ has more expensive soldiers that are a little more reliable which allows for more precise strategies.

Each unit has a cost associated with it and players build Armies (another game concept, thus the capitalization) by choosing units from a Nation freely as long as they remain under a certain point cap. This is similar to how games like Warhammer 40k, Warmachine, and other army building games work. Players can make multiple Armies so that they have several builds to choose from depending on the mission type of the game they are playing, and they can freely modify these Army builds to fine tune them or to try out new strategies.

I designed Diesel Tactics this way because I love games like Warhammer where you have different armies that have underlying themes, but you can then further customize that army to your play style. Also, by having multiple armies and being able to try new army compositions all the time, it keeps the game fresh and exciting. Building and tweaking an army is half the fun!

As much as I love those games though, they take up a lot of your time! Diesel Tactics is my attempt to bring that army building strategy and table top tactical combat to mobile devices. Something with enough depth to stay fun and engaging for a long time, while still remaining simple enough to be able to play it whenever you have a little time during the day, although long play periods work as well!

Whew! That was a long one, but it’s over now. It’s finally over. Next time I’ll go over the specific units available for each Nation and give a little insight into why they were included, so stay tuned!