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Diesel Tactics adds a layer of strategy by introducing the concept of Missions.  Missions give each player a specific task to accomplish during a game.  Missions also determine how many points a player has to build their army with, and in some Missions a player could have more or fewer points to spend than their opponent.  Armies can be pre-built for each mission type or built on the fly when starting a new game.

Diesel Tactics will launch with at least three mission types: Assault, Take and Hold, and Engagement.  All Missions have a specific set of victory conditions, though total annihilation of an opponent’s forces will always result in victory.

Here’s a preview of how each mission type will work:

  • Assault: One player is the defender and one is the attacker in this mission type.  The attacker must destroy certain mission objectives on the map before the game ends while the defender must simply prevent this from happening.  These mission objectives aren’t always defenceless inanimate objects though!
  • Take and Hold: The map will have areas designated as capture points, and the player with the most areas occupied by their troops at the end of the game wins.
  • Engagement: This mission is as close to a deathmatch scenario as Diesel Tactics has!  It’s simply a matter of destroying more of the enemy troops than they destroy of yours!  The points value of any unit killed determines how much they are worth in determining victory in this mission.

Missions add a lot of variety and longevity to Diesel Tactics, and more mission types are planned to be introduced after the game is launched.