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For the Fatherland! The Troops of the Kaiserreich!

Today I’m presenting the units available for the ‘Kaiserreich’ (working name!) nation from Diesel Tactics.

The ‘Kaiserreich’ doesn’t have the same numbers as some of their enemies, but what they lack in size they more than make up for in skill. ‘Kaiserreich’ soldiers are some of the finest in the world, with even the lowliest rank and file infantry being highly proficient with their weapons.

In addition to being a highly skilled military, the ‘Kaiserreich’ also has some of the worlds greatest scientists and technology and they utilize them to great efficiency on the battlefield. Automaton soldiers march tirelessly across the combat zone while massive arcs of electricity fire over their heads from terrifying spider tanks!

Here’s the lineup for the Kaiserreich nation!

  • Mechanischer Soldat Zwölf: The ‘Model 12′ mechanical soldier is the primary infantry used by the Kaiserreich. Brilliant technology partnered with incredible machine work allows these automatons to be unleashed upon the enemy and left to their own devices. Many of the enemies of the Kaiserreich whisper that there are dark sciences at work behind these terrible machinations, though nothing has ever been substantiated.
  • Raketenpanzerbüchse: These highly trained soldiers are armed with rocket launchers to bring down the war machines of the enemy. Their extreme proficiency with their heavy weapons makes them particularly dangerous and their opponents would do well to steer their vehicles well away from the sight lines of these specialists!
  • Himmelsstürmer – “Sky Stormers”: The rocket technology used by these sky-girls is so far superior to the tech used by the Republic soldiers that they find it offensive to even be on the same battlefield as their Republic counterparts. Armed with twin laser pistols (another incredible invention from the Kaiserreich) they zip across any fight, blasting holes through those unlucky enough to draw their attention.
  • Feldkanone “Brecher”: Many of the battlefields of the war look like cratered wastelands, and this is often thanks to the “Crusher” cannon. Huge mounds of earth erupt from the ground every time one of this war machines massive shells strikes down! Even those who live through a fight where these weapons are deployed are still shaken by the hellish chaos that they create in any combat!
  • Rattenfänger Soldaten: These “Rat Catcher” soldiers are often cited by the enemies of the Kaiserreich as the most fearsome opponents that anyone could face! Seeking out their prey armed with specialized laser pistols that can melt through armour and tissue in the blink of an eye and a massive mechanical claw that has replaced one of their arms, there is no target they can’t exterminate!
  • Scharfschützen: The greatest marksmen in the Kaiserreich join the ranks of the Scharfschützen. Equipped with incredibly deadly long ranged rifles and aided by the latest aiming and targeting technologies, they can drop any quarry without them even becoming aware of these assassins!
  • Streitwagen-Kommando: Some of the finest Kaiserreich engineering has lead to these motorcycles! Blazing across any fight and mowing down their enemies with a heavy machine gun mounted on a sidecar, these units can circumvent the front lines of opposing armies in order to reach more vulnerable targets, completely disrupting their opponents plans! Battlefield chaos is what these machines do best!
  • Kampfpanzer “Spinnentier”: The scariest thing about the “Spider Tank” may be the way it moves; legs punching the earth in asynchronous motion to propel it forward at speeds it looks like it shouldn’t be capable of, sudden juking gesticulations made possible by its mode of impetus, soldiers pierced or crushed by its mechanical legs as it simply moves over them. This man-made clockwork nightmare is fear incarnate. Those who do manage to escape its immediate wrath are often electrified at long range by the massive lightning cannon mounted to its metallic carapace. Enemies of the Kaiserreich are eternally grateful that at the very least the numbers of these abominations are limited. For now anyway…

Kampfpanzer "Spinnentier" - Spider Tank

Kampfpanzer “Spinnentier” – Spider Tank

Well, that’s the Kaiserreich line up! Deadly and terrifying!

Stay tuned for future updates on Diesel Tactics!