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Diesel Tactics

Diesel Tactics is a dieselpunk style, asynchronous turn based strategy game where players can build their armies from a selection of unit types to take into battle.

Diesel Tactics features:

Army Building

  • Players choose from two different Nations to create their army
  • Each Nation has many unit types to choose from each with a point cost associated with it based on how powerful the unit is
  • Armies are built by selecting units from a chosen Nation until the maximum point cost of the army has been reached


  • Diesel Tactics will have multiple Mission types
  • Missions set objectives for each player to accomplish during the battle
  • Missions determine the victory conditions of a game
  • Specifics on Mission types are coming soon

Turn Based Tactical Combat

  • Diesel Tacticsa is a turn based tactical combat game played on a grid
  • Each turn in Diesel Tactics consists of several asynchronous phases, including movement and combat
  • More information on turn structure and combat will be added once revealed

Diesel Tactics will be available on iOS and Android devices.