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Best Flash Games on the Web

Many and many gamers think that the only way to play enjoyable video games is to turn to the big developers, games with millions behind them, either buying them or downloading them illegally with all the complications that that implies. However, if you’re bored, you’re in another house without your games, or you want to know a new gameplay world, come on in, here you’ll meet the top ten flash online games.

  1. Crazy Zombie

It is a great Street Fighter game with many characters. It has eight versions; the only thing that varies from each one is that they add more characteristics each time. It has excellent gameplay, many powers, and levels; it is one of those games that you will not end in a single day.

  1. Unreal Flash 3

The flash version of this excellent PC game does not fall far behind its original release, with different missions such as capturing the flag, conquering the base, is one of the best shooting games you can play online. Enjoy the headshots.

  1. Ragdoll Volleyball

The second game of this top you can play from two players. It’s a very vicious game that tries to play volleyball on a low-gravity court with Rag Dolls. It’s a great game with ten challenging levels you can’t miss.

  1. Epic of war

It is a series of various games, already has six deliveries approximately. It is a strategy game in which you must best manage your base to destroy that of your enemy. The fourth edition is the best (for me); you will find a wide variety of exciting and challenging units and missions.

  1. Coaster Racer

One of the best racing games on the internet. Try racing on roads that are at high altitude; it can generate you up to little vertigo. You run carts that you can get better. Nitro, ways, and gameplay make this a highly recommended game.

  1. Penguins Attack 3

It is a great tower defense game with a wide variety of towers and enemies. You must not let them pass the goal and learn the right way to set the towers according to the level. You’ll get sick of killing the XD Penguins.

  1. Dog Fight 2

It is a World War I aircraft battle game in which you have to pass War missions; it has good graphics and excellent gameplay, the best set of flash planes.

  1. Crunch Ball 3000

A game of a sport that does not yet exist in reality, but that would have to. It is a mixture of rugby and ice hockey; you play a league improving your team and customizing it as you want, it is highly recommended and entertaining.

  1. Dragon Ball Fierce Fighting v 2.8

It is currently in the latest version of the Dragon Ball flash game. It has many characters of this anime and fights, tournaments and independent battles with the original powers of the characters.

  1. Comics Stars Fighting 3.6

A fighting game where you can choose between an infinity of anime characters and combat survival style to earn points and be able to buy evolutions from the characters. You can play two players.