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Release date:
Summer 2014

iOS / Android


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Diesel Tactics is a turn based strategy game where players can build their armies to bring into battle against other players across iOS and Android devices! Using an asynchronous turn structure and a WeGo combat system, Diesel Tactics brings a unique gameplay experience to mobile devices.


Diesel Tactics was developed with the desire to bring the strategic gameplay of tactical board games to mobile devices, where asynchronous gameplay brings a level of accessibility and play options unavailable in a standard board game.


  • Build YOUR army to execute YOUR battle plan!
  • Asynchronous, turn based, tactical warfare!
  • WeGo combat system brings incredible depth to the mobile platform
  • Multiple mission types and randomized terrain bring a new experience to every battle!
  • iOS and Android cross play!
  • Fully 3D graphics
  • Sound and music from ForteSounds!
  • Deep strategic gameplay with easy to grasp mechanics!


GA6 “Grasshopper” Rocket Troopers Animation Reel YouTube

HT-A4 “Big Willie” Heavy Armour Animation Reel YouTube

Stove Pipers Animation Reel YouTube

Rattenfänger Soldaten Animation Reel YouTube

Cognetorian Guard Animation Reel YouTube

Awards & Recognition

    Diesel Tactics has not received any awards or recognitions yet. Please check back later to see if things change.

    Selected Articles

      • "If you're a Powerman 5000 fan or just dig robots with clockwork parts, Diesel Tactics seems like a game to throw onto your Watch List."
        - Brad Nicholson, Touch Arcade
      • "Diesel Tactics is an asynchronous turn-based strategy game where you pit your steampunk stuff against other people's steampunk stuff."
        - David Neumann, BoardGameGeek

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      Diesel Tactics Credits

      Jon Evans
      Game Design

      Development Team

      Martin Nanni for RebelDwarf

      Gonzalo Iuillera for RebelDwarf

      Ivan Stur for RebelDwarf
      Art Director

      German Gaussmann for RebelDwarf
      3D Artist

      Nadia Fernandez Vasine for RebelDwarf
      Texture Artist, UI

      Leandro Wainberg for RebelDwarf

      Julian Centurion for RebelDwarf

      AJ Lornie for ForteSounds
      Music and Sound

      presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks