Diesel Tactics



Diesel Tactics is a dieselpunk style, asynchronous turn based strategy game where players can build their armies from a selection of unit types to take into battle.

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Diesel Tactics features:

Army Building

  • Players choose from two different Nations to create their army
  • Each Nation has many unit types to choose from each with a point cost associated with it based on how powerful the unit is
  • Armies are built by selecting units from a chosen Nation until the maximum point cost of the army has been reached


  • Diesel Tactics will have multiple Mission types
  • Missions set objectives for each player to accomplish during the battle
  • Missions determine the victory conditions of a game
  • Specifics on Mission types are coming soon

Turn Based Tactical Combat

  • Diesel Tacticsa is a turn based tactical combat game played on a grid
  • Each turn in Diesel Tactics consists of several asynchronous phases, including movement and combat
  • More information on turn structure and combat will be added once revealed

Diesel Tactics will be available on iOS and Android devices.   More info will be added as it is available!

Walking Tank with texture

Walking Tank with texture

Spider Tank concept art

Spider Tank concept art

3D turnaround of jetpack trooper

3D turnaround of jetpack trooper


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