Diesel Tactics Unit Scales

Hey everyone!


We’ve put together some images of the units from Diesel Tactics on a gridded board to give you an idea of the scale of the units compared to one another and roughly compared to the board.


Here’s our first take at the scales:


Diesel Tactics Unit Scales

First Attempt at Scaling the Models


Based on feedback from social media and forums we slightly increased the size of the Jagdpanzer “Wolfsspinne” (the Spider Tank) and slightly reduced the scale of the Streitwagen-Kommando (motorcycle) units.  Note that in both images the motorcycle rider and passenger have not actually been positioned, so that’s why it looks slightly odd!


The updated scales:


Updated Streitwagen-Kommando and Jagdpanzer "Wolfsspinne" Scales

Updated Streitwagen-Kommando and Jagdpanzer “Wolfsspinne” Scales



I think these guys looking great and the scale seems just about right to me.  What do you guys think of all the units?

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