Diesel Tactics is actually playable!

The maps are all implemented now (though the art is not finalized!) and most of the terrain elements have been made, so we’re down tweaking scales and textures now, but almost all of the art and animation is done!

Again, the textures are not finished (especially the floor texture!), but I wanted to share some in game shots with everyone.  Also note that the unit scales are not final and the units will be bigger and more spaced out in the final build!

These two images are of the same game with troops in (roughly) the same position, with the camera at different angles.  I think that units moved under cover (like the motorcycle here) look really cool and make it obvious they are in cover!

Here’s a similar unit layout with the camera pulled back.  The ‘Move Your Units’ sign pops up at the start of the movement phase.

Finally, here’s a look at moving the HT-A4 “Big Willie” Heavy Armour unit.  The visuals for highlighting tiles is going to change as well, but here we’re showing invalid spaces in red, normal move spaces in blue, difficult terrain is in yellow, and run moves in purple with double arrows.

Let me know what you guys think!

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