Diesel Tactics Menu Screenshots and Info!

Hey everyone,


Just wanted to quickly show off a couple of the menu screens we’ve been working on for Diesel Tactics and see what you guys think of them!



Main Menu Options

This is the current main menu screen, with the options menu popped out.  The background is greyed out slightly to bring focus to the menu.


We’ve tried to keep all buttons one tap away to make everything easy to get to, and the pop out options menu allows us to keep the screen uncluttered when it’s tucked away.




This is our leaderboard which shows users stats across all platforms, so we’re using our own custom leaderboards rather than Apple’s or Google’s.  It is currently filled with nonsense!



Achievements Screen

This is our player profile screen (showing off my wonderfully original username ‘A’) which will display achievements players have completed (and the players progress to achieving ones that they haven’t completed), their current rating (we’re using an Elo score), their avatar, and their title (‘Lancer’ in this case).


One cool thing we’re doing is allowing players to select their title based on ones that they’ve unlocked by completing achievements and attaining ratings.  This means that you can actually show off your achievements since your cool title instantly lets people know what you’ve done!



Army List

This is the players army list where they can choose to create or edit their armies.


Players will have a limited number of slots per Nation (which are like teams in games like Hero Academy, which we’ll have 2 of at launch) to build their custom armies in.


Similar to building a deck in a collectible card game or an army in a tabletop game like Warhammer, players in Diesel Tactics will be able to customize their armies to suit their gameplay style.



Army Creation

This is where you’ll actually be creating your specific armies to take out onto the battlefield.  You can name your army, select it’s colours, see the stats and info about the units (the text boxes are obviously incomplete, unless of course you guys like plain text overlapping the UI!), and of course select the specific units that you want to include in that army.



Store Menu Skin Packs

Finally, this is our store screen.  We’ll be offering new colours to customize your armies, new skins to completely change the look of your units, extra game slots (you can only have so many simultaneous games being played, and this allows you to increase that cap), and finally new nations, though we won’t have any available at launch since we’re still making the 2 that will ship with the game!


One important thing that I want to mention here is that no store purchase will give a player an advantage in the game.  Colours and skin packs are purely aesthetic, game slots just let you play more games, and new nations give you variety but all nations are going to be balanced as perfectly as we can.  We don’t want anyone to be able to buy an advantage.


I also wanted to mention that we’ll be offering players the ability to play as many simultaneous games as other asynchronous games do (something like 40-50) without players paying anything.  The game slots item will really just be for the most hardcore players!


So, that’s it for now.  Thanks for taking the time to check out our game and let me know what you guys think!


  1. Karlos Zafra (@solkar) March 21, 2014 1:43 am  Reply

    You have accomplished a pretty solid steam-punk vibe. I have one suggestion about the one icon in the first picture: the fx volume icon doesn’t work. On a first look I thought it was to tune wifi.

    About the cost of extra slots. How long is each game? 40-50 games going on sounds a lot to me. The free tier 2 or 3 games seems like reasonable number. Anyway I’m not a hardcore gamer. For

  2. T-Go Co Games
    T-Go Co Games March 21, 2014 2:19 am  Reply

    Ack! I see what you mean about the volume icon, and I can’t unsee it now! I’ll add it to the (long) list of things we need to look at. Thanks for the heads up!

    Games will run roughly 6-10 turns, with an individual turn consisting of a movement and attack phase, with each phase probably taking a minute or so to execute, depending on how long you think about your move.

    The game is going to cost $2.99 (our current price thinking anyway), so it’s not starting at a free tier, which is why we want to supply a large number of games right away. The reality is, very few players will need more. That being said, I’m hoping hardcore lovers of Diesel Tactics won’t mind putting in an extra dollar or two to support the game if they are playing so much that they need to buy more slots!

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