The Clockwork Wasp aka The Heliclawpter!

Hey everyone,

We’ve got another unit animation video reel from our animator Germán Gaussmann for you guys today!

This time the video is of the Clockwork Wasp vehicle from the Usonian army. This helicopter (or sometimes called ‘heliclawpter’ due to it’s hanging claw that snatches units up from the battlefield!) can zoom around the battlefield ignoring terrain effects and enemy units to engage whatever target it pleases!

Armed with twin-linked heavy machine guns, this unit is simply devastating to enemy infantry! In close combat it’s also capable of fighting back with it’s massive claw that can pick up and crush hostile soldiers in it’s pincers!

Mobility and firepower, these machines are available in limited quantities, but effective use of them can determine the outcome of an engagement!

Check out the Clockwork Wasp in action!

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